the halal guys

[5] as a cart located on 53rd and 6th.[4][6] The cart began as a hot dog vendor, however Abouelenein believed that the hot dog was not a satisfying meal and switched to the current menu of chicken, gyro meat, rice, and pita in 1992.[4]

The cart has caused a decline in the popularity
of hot dog vendors in New York City and has influenced many imitation carts.[4] A cart known as New York’s Best Halal Food also located on 53rd and 6th next on the SW corner, weekdays until 7pm. It is unknown which cart was located at the intersection first. ‘New York’s Best Halal Food’ also has a strong following and long line of lunchtime patrons. They wear similar attire (bright yellow shirts) and serve the same type of food though the texture, taste, and freshness is slightly different.[7]

On October 28, 2006, a fight that started on line ended with 23-year-old Ziad Tayeh stabbing and killing 19-year-old Tyrone Gibbons.[8] Tayeh was later found not guilty, as the jury found that he acted in self-defense. The fight began after one accused the other of cutting in line.[9]The New York Times once reported that the owners had hired bouncers.[4]

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