a little life

pretty sure its one of the most intriguing books ive read in a long time. it sucked me in, and suddenly, 600 pages in 72 hours have vanished. but i’m not decided yet on whether it’s a good book.

nothing good happens in this book. it’s misery porn. it makes you cry for the mind that can think up something like this, and then it lets you realize, cruelly, that there are fates like this – fates that are undoubtedly cold, and not redeemable.

while the writing is fantastic, i think what leads to an initial dislike of the book and the characters is the sort of sci-fi approach to contrasts. people are either really good or really bad; the shit that happens is either really good or really bad.

i don’t even know if that’s a recommendation. it’s supposed to be the greatest book, but its lacking subtleness. its overwhelming crassness, everything about this long and winding story of suffering and pain, the remarkable lack of all hope – even when its decidedly hopeful – all of it overshadows the brilliance of yanagiharas actual writing. so idk.