aint that peculiar

I know the question that I’m asking and the answer ain’t correct
And if loving you is wrong well then the answer won’t be yes
So I’m lying to myself cause lying next to you the best
Every second in your presence worth a minute of neglect
But them minutes turn to hours and those hours turn to stress
And my courageous or a coward that’s unable to accept
That I’m here but you left I mean you here but you ain’t right
Yeah you right here but you ain’t like with me so I need to step
You would think that moving on wouldn’t even be a sweat
I mean yeah you do me wrong but I conveniently forget
I just harbor on the better like whatever to the doubt
When you try to plant a seed I just see a weed in drought
As you twist your lips to lie and it’s leaving out your mouth
I decide right then and there I won’t even hear you out
I know that love it peculiar but you are even more so
How you even wear your heart on your wardrobe
Lord knows

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