Alternative Engagement Rings

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Alternative Engagement Rings

In fashion, we always hear a great deal about the latest trends and styles. Each new year, and each new season store windows and catalogues are flooded with brand new collections from top designers. However, in the long run – if we’re honest – most of these trendy designs are recycled or adapted from previous ones, and the result is that very little in fashion is actually unique. So, if you are someone who strives to be stylishly unique, you may want to look to the trendily obscure, rather than the fashionably popular.

One very specific area of fashion in which this idea can lead to fun and attractive results is in engagement rings. When you hear the term “engagement ring,” it is likely that your mind jumps automatically to something that is ultimately very plain – a gold or silver band with a simple diamond roosting on top. However, while this basic design and the thousands of variations on it that exist will always be attractive, there are alternative options that are less bland and more fun. Here are three specific engagement ring styles that are a bit more obscure, but gradually becoming trendy.

Eternity Rings

If you like the idea of diamonds for engagement rings but you’re tired of the same old style, the selection of eternity rings at 77-Diamonds may have just what you’re looking for. Eternity rings consist of simple bands set with small diamonds all the way around, with no stone standing larger than or above the rest. The idea is to symbolize continuity and “eternity,” and while the rings are often used as anniversary gifts, some are beginning to use them for engagements.

Alternative Gemstones

Alternative gems in engagement rings are fast becoming trendy, but due to the overwhelming popularity of diamond rings, alternatives can still be considered obscure. The prime example of an alternative stone in an engagement ring is Kate Middleton’s famous sapphire ring – however, there are plenty of options out there. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are some of the most popular, but any gemstone can make a beautiful, and untraditional engagement ring.

Fancy Diamonds

Another alternative option if you’d like some colour in your engagement ring is to opt for a fancy diamond. This is a term used to describe those rare diamonds that boldly display colour in their natural forms. Most people seek out “white” or clear diamonds, but the truth is that most diamonds have at least a hint of colour – even if it is undetectable by the naked eye. A very small portion of diamonds show that colour as brightly as any other gemstone, and these “fancy diamonds” – usually blue, pink or yellow – can make for wonderful and unique rings.

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