I won’t give away any more of Bridesmaids’ jokes, though the humor, in most cases, derives less from the gags than from how far Wiig (along with Annie Mumolo, who co-wrote the script with Wiig and who appears in a brief cameo) is willing to take them. In many scenes, a simple comic idea gets elaborated on in endless variations, each more unhinged than the last. A sequence near the end, in which Annie tries to get herself arrested by driving again and again past a cop car, breaking a different law each time, had the audience on the floor. And Annie’s climactic freakout at the bridal shower that Helen hosts—an absurdly over-the-top event involving 6-foot-tall chocolate fountains and puppies in pink berets—was all the funnier for its core of emotional truth. We may not all have writhed on the ground beneath a giant heart-shaped cookie while screaming “Are you fucking kidding me?”, but we’ve all felt jealous when a glamorous new friend moves in on our old buddy.

A lovely, funny movie – witty and pumped with humour, without becoming a cliché or, God forbid, a guy film.

via Bridesmaids, reviewed: The raunchy women’s comedy we’ve been waiting for. – By Dana Stevens – Slate Magazine.