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Handbook of Tyranny 

Handbook of Tyranny portrays the routine cruelties of the twenty-first century through a series of detailed non-fictional graphic illustrations. None of these cruelties represent extraordinary violence – they reflect day-to-day implementation of laws and regulations around the globe. Every page of the book questions our current world of walls and fences, police tactics and prison […]

“Call Me by Your Name”: An Erotic Triumph

Desire is passed around the movie like a dish, and the characters are invited to help themselves, each to his or her own taste. Maybe a true love story (and when did you last see one of those?) has no time for types. Source: “Call Me by Your Name”: An Erotic Triumph Wenn man das […]

032c BERLIN KIDZ Crew Shirt White

BERLIN KIDZ GEAR is a capsule of apparel designed by Berlin Kidz, an anonymous group of graffiti writers, train-surfers, and the stars of our current issue. The crew’s hieroglyphic style written on high rises across Berlin is a variation on Pichaçao, a tagging practice from Sao Paolo that has been described as an “urban plague.” Unlike […]

How to Be a Mediocre White Male Artist on Instagram

If you’re somehow involved with art, this must have happened to you. You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and badly-shot images of worthless things appear at regular intervals, and eyerolls abound. The originator of such visual gibberish is usually a white, straight, mildly successful artist, whose work you’d qualify as mediocre at best. He attends […]