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In Memoriam: Lil Peep 

He belonged loosely to an offshoot, a moon, of what people call underground hip-hop, a sub-genre sometimes referred to as SoundCloud rap or sad rap. These are wobbly and amorphous but expanding categories. Some people hate this “alt-rap.” Sometimes I hate it, and most things. Mainly I love its rawness and realness, and by “realness” […]

a little life

pretty sure its one of the most intriguing books ive read in a long time. it sucked me in, and suddenly, 600 pages in 72 hours have vanished. but i’m not decided yet on whether it’s a good book. nothing good happens in this book. it’s misery porn. it makes you cry for the mind […]

How Camus and Sartre split up over the question of how to be free 

‘Absolute freedom is the right of the strongest to dominate,’ Camus wrote, while ‘absolute justice is achieved by the suppression of all contradiction: therefore it destroys freedom.’ The conflict between justice and freedom required constant re-balancing, political moderation, an acceptance and celebration of that which limits the most: our humanity. ‘To live and let live,’ […]

Michel Houellebecq

Egal aus welcher Zeit und welcher Welt solche Sätze herausgefallen sind, das Wichtigste bleibt: Es ist alles vorbei. Alles geht unter. Die Linksreaktionären und ihre politische Korrektheit sind schuld. Es geht Houllebecq jetzt darum, sich in eine bestimmte Ahnenreihe politisch unkorrekter Denker einzuschreiben. (“Sie waren freie Männer.”) Es geht ihm vor allem darum, sich einem […]

Once you figure out you had that many drinks, vaguely wonder if you did anything embarrassing at the party, fully aware that you’re still too drunk to gauge what constitutes embarrassing behavior. Enter an endless loop of anxiety. Was it rude that you didn’t say goodbye to the host? Was she mad at you? Was […]

Die zärtliche Gleichgültigkeit der Welt 

Camus, der Prediger der Hoffnungslosigkeit, ist im letzten kein Nihilist. „Im schwärzesten Nihilismus unserer Zeit suchte ich nur Gründe ihn zu überwinden. Übrigens nicht aus Tugend …, sondern aus instinktiver Treue zu jenem Licht, in dem ich geboren wurde und in welchem seit Jahrtausenden die Menschen gelernt haben, das Leben zu bejahen bis in seine […]

‘10:04,’ by Ben Lerner

“10:04” connects this anxiety about identity with metaphysical questions concerning time and repetition. The title is taken from “Back to the Future,” the narrator’s “crucial” childhood film, in which a town hall clock shows this time as Michael J. Fox is catapulted back to his own future, having successfully altered the past. It is just […]