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“Call Me by Your Name”: An Erotic Triumph

Desire is passed around the movie like a dish, and the characters are invited to help themselves, each to his or her own taste. Maybe a true love story (and when did you last see one of those?) has no time for types. Source: “Call Me by Your Name”: An Erotic Triumph Wenn man das […]


This is a supreme achievement made from small strokes, a kind of Seurat painting constructed with dark, glittering bits of history. (…) The flying scenes, taut and thrilling, feature real vintage Spitfires. When the small boats arrive, many of them are the actual Dunkirk Little Ships, venerable, elderly, lovingly preserved boats that were part of […]

The Architecture of Evil: Dystopian Megacorps in Speculative Fiction Films 

The evil corporation has always held a special place in film. From Blade Runner’s Tyrell Corporation to Robocop’s Omni Consumer Products and beyond, dystopian capitalism is a staple of many films’ most successful antagonists. What’s fascinating about the evil megacorporation is that its architectural aesthetic has remained virtually unchanged throughout its history: brooding Late Modernist (AKA High-tech […]


Courtesy of Smartflix – the true love of my life. DOPE = good Sunday night movie, although the fantasy becomes a farce and the movie resembles blackpeopletwitter, a bricolage of memes and music – something OFWGKTA would think up if they were old enough and gave a fuck (which is ironic because the movie is […]


PRINCE-TRAILER from SUPERETTE Production on Vimeo. absolutely: must-see of Berlinale 2015, sam de jongs debut movie “prins” ; killer aesthetic, killer sounddesign

interstellar 2001

2001: a space odysseey has not aged a day since it’s making. i guess from 68 til today there’s just not much more that we could imagine about space. all we know is that what we don’t know is real. kubrick’s timelessness is especially clear after watching nolan’s hommage “interstellar” unfortunately, although nolan made an […]

peaking lights mix

This mix feels like an elaborate dive into a nostalgic 80s/90s movies past. It’s not even reality, not even my own memory. Just a vague reference to a past that I somehow encountered in the present, via cultural products and a trace of what was left before. Although I grew up in Germany during the […]