cry baby lane

Because Nickelodeon has never released it to the public,[20] Cry Baby Lane is officially unavailable; due to the bad publicity it created for them, it’s doubtful that they will release it in the future, much less air it on TV again.[21] Although it is possible that there may be privately recorded copies, the fact that there was only one airing, to an audience of children and such tapes would have had to survive for 11 years makes this highly improbable.[22] Despite the efforts of the fans, all attempts to find and upload a copy of the film online have thus far been futile.[23][24] If there are any recorded copies, they have managed to stay off the internet,[25] save for one 3 minute clip, inexplicably posted on YouTube,[26] and three different compositions from the soundtrack on the composer’s own website, as well as four fan-posted images from the film that may or may not be real.[27] The origin of the youtube video is a mystery, as is the question of whether or not any cast or crew members might possess any additional footage.[28] Whether Nickelodeon has kept any copies of the movie themselves is very unlikely, considering their negative stance on it.[29] All of this has lead many to wonder if Cry Baby Lane is now in fact a lost film.[30] Because videos are almost nonexistent, and information is rare and extremely hard to find, many people have begun to question if the film ever even existed,[31] with some claiming it to be an urban legend.[32] Despite being released fairly recently, it has managed to slip into almost total obscurity.

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