Deconstructing DJ Khaled

We listen to DJ Khaled albums because we want to hear like a billion different rappers in one room, all trying to outdo one another in lyrically capturing the uncapturable feeling of living a life of unrelenting, manic stunting. Obviously guys like Rick Ross and Drake are the best at this, because that’s basically all they have ever rapped about, ever. The technical skills of these dudes can blind you to their bestnosity sometimes, so that’s why it’s good that Birdman is such a frequent guest on these albums. Birdman, an oil baron/red car enthusiast/dude with a tattoo on his head/sometimes rapper, clearly understands that he can only maintain his credibility by rapping very slowly about very expensive things, and as such totally owns every Khaled track he’s on. He’s also really good at rubbing his hands together, which is a pretty important factor in being the best. No one really knows why this is, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

hip hop analysis and philosophy. i wish i could do this professionally.

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