Diorama Map Rio de Janeiro

diorama map

The narrative behind the Diorama Map series is the fluid nature of memory and the setting is always a city.

The creation of a Diorama Map takes the following method; Walking around the chosen city on foot; shooting from various location with film; pasting and arranging of the re-imagined city from my memory as layered icons of the city.The Diorama Map, which is almost a bird’s eye view of the city, is not a precise google map, but presents the key elements of the city in a form closer to my own memory and observation. Therefore, every single element amongst the enormous mound of pieces reflects my own act of photographic creation itself.

Diorama Map series is ongoing and will be developed in cities all over the world in the future.

via Sohei Nishino – Diorama Map Rio de Janeiro (Detailed info).