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You like Kanye West? A lot of people are quick to write him off an ego maniacal psychopath…and don’t get me wrong, he is…but his career does often show flashes of legitimate creative genius. I mean, you have to remember that he made a name for himself back in 2001 as an executive producer of Jay-Z’s The Blueprint before working on his landmark college trilogy. In 2008, after facing some personal tragedies that left him in a state of utter meltdown, we’re talking Kanye’s own Chernobyl here, he went on to release 808s & Heartbreak which divided fans and mostly just provided fodder for contestants on The Voice to milk for a cappella piano covers. What’s that? Why are there printouts of pitchfork.com reviews all over the floor? Because it’s 2013 and no one buys print media anymore, heck even printers are slowly becoming obsolete but something has to tenuously connect this to the scene. In 2010 he came back in a big way though with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which was by all accounts a triumph. I mean, when you get Sir Elton John to contribute to your hip-hop song for reasons other than a wild, turn of the century MTV publicity stunt, you’ve accomplished something. See, while Kanye himself is obsessed with Michael Jackson, he’s really more like Prince, a wildly talented person who cannot separate his own passions and bravado from his music. Dark Twisted Fantasy really was his most polished, complete album, proving that he really came into his own. It’s the work of a consummate professional…Yes, I am wearing a raincoat. In 2013 we get Yeezus, again, Kanye faces a personal tragedy, in this case, impregnating a Kardashian, and again the result is polarizing. Critics find the album’s sparse sound and Rubin guided experimental sound captivating but anyone who was still riding high after his previous album or his baroque collaboration with Jay-Z will probably just find the album off-putting. A lot of people don’t like this album because of the staccato delivery and unmelodic production of the tracks and therefore won’t listen to it…but they should because it really is a deep personal statement about Kanye West himself. It’s all the ego from his previous album without any of the melody to soften the blow of the harsh edge. Speaking of which, hey Paul! TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT DORCIA NOW YOU STUPID FUCKING BASTARD!

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