GQ on Rick Ross

Hilarious article on the life of Rick Ross. I love Rick Ross.
I keep wondering what he is up to. Ugh!

But the question, which is actually not immediately answerable, is why that’s happened. Because (a) while the man does have a way with words (see “The Rossary,” below), it’s probably not his lyrics. I’m into distribution, I’m like Atlantic, he raps on the song “Hustlin’,” I got them mothafuckas flyin’ across the Atlantic. Or this, from “9 Piece” (which is a great song regardless): I’m smoking dope, I’m on my cell phone / I’m selling dope, straight off the iPhone. I mean, the man not only rhymes “Atlantic” with “Atlantic,” he rhymes “phone” with “phone.”

Rick Ross f. Lil Wayne – 9 Piece from SkyKingsTV on Vimeo.

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