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commercialisation empowers the arts with the right and sufficient MEANS to develop and excercise innovation, strategy, creativity. it has a potential to form a new culture, an evolution of cultures really.

is it art? is it advertisement? maybe it’s MASS MEDIA ART.

fashion takes it a step further. make it shocking! make it so people will look! this is not just advertisement; it is art. we use our product to help the artist. the artists uses the product (even in criticism) to portray their art. this is a subtle commercial culture.

does anybody ever ask anymore if this is the RIGHT culture?

are there two paralleled cultures now? one with, one without the backing of economics?

is FASHION not only just a hybrid media power? photography, videos, shows, music, pop, everything comes together in Fashion and forms something that runs parallel to the state of “art”, in fact, maybe overlaps, maybe even wins the race.

advertisement is art, and art becomes advertisement.
can we look at the produced art without the product? even when it’s not obviously integrated?



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