if u love me

if you love him then why did you take that picture? a photograph won’t hold you when it’s cold. when you’re dead will you be buried by your children, or underneath your modelling portfolio?

if you love him do you think he even knows it? unless you’re fucked up i can never really tell. have you ever looked upon him as intently as you look at all these pictures of yourself?

if you love someone, it doesn’t mean that they belong to you. you can’t hold on and you will lose them in the end.

if she loves that just makes this even harder. when she was near you, she made you feel like a king. maybe she could be a hero for just one day, but there’s no way that tomorrow she’d be clean.

if she loves you or she doesn’t there’s no difference. no matter what this is just what you have to do. you must decide if it is better to be broken or if it is better to have never been used.

— happy birthday to me, elite gymnastics never fail

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