IO Tillett Wright

Fascinating character I was lucky to meet last year in NYC.

IO Tillett Wright — Freunde von Freunden

You seem to have an opinion about that. What do you think about art school?

Sounds like a big fat waste of time to me. Everybody I know who ever went to art school is like “I didn’t learn anything practical there”. My personal experience of working in the arts is that the best and most interesting way of making art is something that you either do naturally or you don’t do. It’s not a skill that you go to school to learn or to get better at. Chances are at 18, you don’t know what you want to make better yet. So the idea of going to art school in lieu of college doesn’t really make any sense to me. Go out and work for somebody who is an artist doing something that you find interesting, chances are you are going to find it interesting. But you are not going to work in that field, you are going to go find somebody else, and they are going to teach you everything you ever need to know and you can make connections and then you get your job.

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