Kissing A Good Kisser

This all sounds like you have a tough time living the Hollywood life that everybody expects you to.I did have a tough time dealing with it and I have learned how to separate it. It is a performance; it is me playing a role. I am not saying that there are no aspects of it that I enjoy; I love beautiful women, beautiful dresses, and beautiful flowers. But all those things have to stay in perspective. There is nothing wrong with loving the fact that we are physical beings but you have got to keep them in perspective. It is just a diversion. It’s one of the nice things in life, like eating a great steak or kissing a good kisser – well, kissing a good kisser is maybe more valuable than all the other stuff – but these are things you have to leave behind when you leave the planet. When I am on my deathbed, I don’t think I will be thinking about a nice pair of shoes I had or my beautiful house. I am going to be thinking about an evening I spent with somebody when I was twenty where I felt that I was just absolutely connected to them.

The Talks is my new favorite interview website because I actually know the people they’re interviewing. But their style reminds me of Freunde von Freunde, which leaves me with a bit of a numb tongue, if you know what I mean (you probably don’t, but I’m too lazy to elaborate).

Anyway – Tom Ford. Nice quote there. He is a weird guy for sure, and isn’t everyone in Hollywood just modest and very happy with living on their ranch? But I do like the fact that he wants to get hit on and nobody does. Do something for the guy, guys!

via Tom Ford | The Talks.

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