Modernist Dreams Of Utopian Architecture 

Sounds a little like an idealized version of today’s sprawling suburbs, right? Well, Wright also conceived of the “aerator,” a small helicopter provided for each family that could land without a landing strip. Together, open land, automobiles, and Jetsons-like aerators promised citizens a city filled with more light, more freedom of movement, and more spatial freedom in the “ideal establishment of what we call civilization.” Unsurprisingly, FLW’s utopian city did not anticipate today’s widespread problems of suburban sprawl and the environmental degradation that comes from the basic principles of Broadacre. Much like utopian visionaries before, “Broadacre City” was born from a disgust with city life—a modern man’s eschewal of overcrowded, aesthetically displeasing lower-class areas.

Source: Rewind: Modernist Dreams Of Utopian Architecture – Architizer

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