It was a proper blown web-surfing rampage that brought me to this tweet:


I don’t know how I ended up there, but I became curious.
I understand the hipster reference of PBR&B (as in, R&B has become something the hipsters would like because it’s neatly packaged in blogs and analog photography and underground mixtapes, but it’s still R&B, right?).

But: I’d been listening to The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and How To Dress Well for a while now and I didn’t even realize they were supposed to be the “same” new genre altogether.

How To Dress Well? How’re they anywhere close to R&B?

Then I started researching Frank Ocean and turns out he is Odd Future. Really?
Not only is his style so vastly different from Odd Future, it’s like I’m being eaten up by their omnipresence. Fucking creepy (and oh so delightful).
He has an album out for free already, Nostalgia, Ultra, with track samplings such as MGMTs “Electric Feel” and “Hotel California”.

And then, while searching, I ended up at where I presumably started:

How To Dress Well trafficked in a similarly mysterious style for a time last year, but when fans witnessed his shaky, amateurish live readings, the sanctity of that experiment vanished. Ocean, for all his orange Beamer ’80s fetishism and progressive politics, is a fairly standard singer-songwriter. His picture is now available and his work behind-the-scenes for major artists continues to reveal itself. Likewise the seediness of the Weeknd’s Ace Hotel jams–this is pro music, made by pros.

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