people who write

What people who dont write dont understand is that they think you make up the line consciously — but you dont. It proceeds from your unconscious. So its the same surprise to you when it emerges as it is to the audience when the comic says it. I dont think of the joke and then say it. I say it and then realize what Ive said. And I laugh at it, because Im hearing it for the first time myself.

via Woody Allen Interview 2013 – Blue Jasmine Director Woody Allen on Movies, Success & Life – Esquire.

this it it- never know what comes out til it does
everything gets in the way. the concept, the permission to write, the MISSION to write, actually. and then consciousness is in the way. when you just write, write shit down, it might not be good in the beginning but it’s so much better than thinking it through and through til there is nothing left.

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