Podcast Diet, June 2018

  • Caliphate – A podcast by the New York Times on the state of ISIS, but simultaneously also shedding light on how journalism is made in the light of terrorism. How to report on reporting? How do fact-check sources, how to get inside the minds and doings of ISIS, the threat that has encapsulated the media in the past years? Rukmini Callimachi’s podcast is captivating, thrilling and extremely interesting. I’ve fallen with love with her completely (although to be fair her incredibly radio-genic voice may have helped in that)
  • Reply All – Whenever I recommend Reply All, I describe as a podcast “that sheds light on the myths of the internet”. I feel it’s fair to say that people on Twitter will love how Reply All’s little stories and intriguing episodes (about all sorts of media- and web-related subjects, including memes, obscure tweets, crazy movements and interesting trends). They really dig deep into and explain things that I’d completely forgotten. It’s the only podcast I’ve been going back through every episode they’ve ever aired.

There’s not much else yet here. I often try out podcasts but rarely get hooked on them like I got hooked on these. I’m definitely a fan of Gimlet media, but looking to expand on more European-centric podcasts, so if anyone has equally entertaining recommendations, hit me up on Twitter.