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antivilla postdam

Inside the Antivilla, a Home in Potsdam, Germany If your house looked like this, wouldn't you pretend to be in a video game too? A peek inside a Berlin-based architect's weekend home known as the Antivilla, a concrete bunker with sledgehammered windows and a sleek interior. Posted by T: The New York Times Style Magazine […]

Awaiting / Leipzig

I’ve had a thing with Leipzig ever since I visited. Sascha Nau captures exactly what it is in his photographic series Awaiting. Awaiting on Behance.

basilika valencia

Dünn geschnitten ist Alabaster sehr lichtdurchlässig und wird daher im Kunsthandwerk gerne für Lampenschalen verwendet. In trockenen Gegenden wie z.B. Zentralspanien hat auch die Verwendung als Kirchenfenster Tradition. via Alabaster – Wikipedia.

loft music

i’d be happy with finding a place to stay at all, but if i had the choice, this would be where i want to live.