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Historical indifference is a venial sin. The mortal sin is DIS’s noxious metaphysics. For them, art is hopelessly tainted by commerce and the past is for suckers. Neoliberalism mechanically slays critical thinking, so insincerity is the only way out. (In fairness, DIS’s online magazine often publishes articles offering far more stimulation and seriousness). But why […]

finger fucking fruit

  While the films are undoubtedly divisive, they have helped highlight much bigger issues in the online world. Sarley admits to struggling with copyright over her original clips, and has been on the receiving end of vicious harassment from followers over the explicit nature of her work. After informing Instagram about both the trolls and […]

Love Cures

Love alone is untouchable, one of the last frontiers where the ability to manipulate or shun an experience seems to be asking for too much – but why? Love is in many ways a chemical reaction, and when love causes intense suffering or conflicts deeply with other values, people who want a chemical solution should, […]

complex / basquiat

i appreciate Complex’ efforts i do believe though that neither scott nor rocky are even remotely close to WARHOL and BASQUIAT so in terms of credibility.. fuck that, man.

Wolfgang Tillmanns Abstract Pictures

I love, love, love his pictures, as well as the interview released by the interview magazine. NICKAS: What attracts you to a person? What happens when, walking in the street, you think, I have to photograph this person. TILLMANS: I heard this wonderful quote the other day, “Only the brave show what they love.” It’s […]

Diorama Map Rio de Janeiro

The narrative behind the Diorama Map series is the fluid nature of memory and the setting is always a city. The creation of a Diorama Map takes the following method; Walking around the chosen city on foot; shooting from various location with film; pasting and arranging of the re-imagined city from my memory as layered […]


while i do actually dig that shoe, i just wanted to say that i really love the perspective of that shot. this is my preferred perspective of sneakers. i think it’s kinda more honest.

Nike of Samothrace

I remember very vividly our trip to the Louvre – it was a weekend spent in Paris with my family. We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast and then instantly headed to check out the museum. We all wanted to see what it was all about. I was fourteen or fifteen years old, and […]

curators and imitators

If a person whose website links to other websites is a curator, then a person who walks into the Louvre with a friend and points out the Mona Lisa is also a curator. It seems to me that if we go with that usage we’re losing a worthwhile distinction. We are not the only ones […]

times square

one of the best photographers i’ve had the pleasure of knowing. respect his work, make it happen, remember his name. Times Square | Jeriko.