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Historical indifference is a venial sin. The mortal sin is DIS’s noxious metaphysics. For them, art is hopelessly tainted by commerce and the past is for suckers. Neoliberalism mechanically slays critical thinking, so insincerity is the only way out. (In fairness, DIS’s online magazine often publishes articles offering far more stimulation and seriousness). But why […]

In A World Made For Couples

Solid, lasting, intimate friendship is not effortless for anyone. But it’s particularly difficult for single people. In addition to all the usual challenges friendships face (envy, crazy-busy-ness, Hillary vs. Bernie), unpartnered people have to reckon with the reality that for us the stakes are higher. When friendships are your primary relationships, friendship isn’t just important: […]

So I Went To Berghain And I Now Give Zero Fucks

As you may have gathered from some of my previous editorials I along with much of the US dance music community have been stuck in some sort of purgatory-like rut for the last 12-24 months. Weve been trying to pull ourselves out of the EDM mire but are unsure how to arrive at the musical […]

The Acquisitive Self, Minus the Self

Why should we look? The payoffs for the nonrich civilian viewer are oddly perfunctory. After all of the social mythologies we’ve lovingly constructed to envelop the delusions of the 1 percent, this is the lurid end-of-the-rainbow payoff they’ve decided to lord over the rest of us—a fistful of watches, car interiors, and European spa photos? […]

tv pitches

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: List: TV Pitches From a Guy Whose Girlfriend Broke Up With Him Forty-Five Minutes Before the Pitch Meeting..

Crime for Crime’s Sake

I don’t agree with everything in this text – but I want Ruckus. This is Ruckus. This is the way we put our fists up and demand. The question is whether our demands need to be specific, communicated, or whether we can just punch each other for the sake of it and ask afterwards why […]

England Casuals

A short insight into fashion development during the 80s and 90s from a Hooligans point of view. Pretty interesting to say the least. VGA – England Casuals Interview w/ Ian Hough | Vintage Gear Addicts.

My American Friends

Granted, these visiting Americans often seem to have loud voices, but on closer examination, it’s a little subtler than that. Americans have no fear of being overheard. Civic life in Britain is predicated on the idea that everyone just about conceals his loathing of everyone else. To open your mouth is to risk offending someone. […]

My Mom Couldn’t Cook

I used to wonder why my mother hated cooking so much. I used to wonder why she cooked salmon fillets for two hours and pot roast for one. I thought for a long time that it was because she was a bad cook, because she rejected cooking as a way of rejecting us, because she […]