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6. Why So Serious?Linking to gripe number one, the solemn faces behind the blogs are extremely amusing. How do people take the topics of shoes, apparel and music so seriously? How do people keep a straight face as they stand in front of stacks of orange boxes despite being of drinking age? I’ll never know. […]

GQ on Rick Ross

Hilarious article on the life of Rick Ross. I love Rick Ross. I keep wondering what he is up to. Ugh! But the question, which is actually not immediately answerable, is why that’s happened. Because (a) while the man does have a way with words (see “The Rossary,” below), it’s probably not his lyrics. I’m […]

The Madbury Club

Yo, how come I only now just heard of the Madbury Club? This whole magazine is so spot on Hip Hop music I’m basically shitting myself in excitement. Reaction: Kendrick Lamar “ADHD” Video. – The Madbury Club :: “Welcome To The Club.”.


Ghostface Killah reviewing WATCH THE THRONE. This shit is downright hilarious. Unfortunately I also agree most of the time. 11. Made In America ft. Frank Ocean – First of all son….Lionel Richie called from 1986 n said he wants his song back yo. Word. Sade jus hollad on twitter to say this shit is soft […]

Is Pop Culture Consuming Itself?

This is one of the most spot-on and important and interesting articles/discussions on retro-mania and contemporary pop-culture I have ever read. It’s a long read, but it is absolutely worth it. I could quote every line. Personally – just to jump right into it – I don’t think we’re at a dead end because we […]

Deconstructing DJ Khaled

We listen to DJ Khaled albums because we want to hear like a billion different rappers in one room, all trying to outdo one another in lyrically capturing the uncapturable feeling of living a life of unrelenting, manic stunting. Obviously guys like Rick Ross and Drake are the best at this, because that’s basically all […]

How To Disappear Completely

There are three key steps to disappearing. First, destroy old information about yourself. Call your video store or electricity company and replace your old, correct phone number with a new, invented one. Introduce spelling mistakes into your utility bills. Create a PO Box for your mail. Don’t use your credit cards and the like.Then, create […]


Globally, the effects of overpopulation play a part in practically every daily report of mass human calamity, but the word “population” is rarely mentioned. Wildfires threaten ever more people because expanding populations are moving nearer and into forests. Floods inundate more homes as populations expand into floodplains. Such extreme events are stoked by climate change, […]

How to Land Your Kid In Therapy

And yet, underlying all this parental angst is the hopeful belief that if we just make the right choices, that if we just do things a certain way, our kids will turn out to be not just happy adults, but adults that make us happy. This is a misguided notion, because while nurture certainly matters, […]

‘The Hangover’ and the Age of the Jokeless Comedy

All modern movie comedies can be divided roughly into two categories: character-driven and joke-driven. The first category includes movies like “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Meet the Parents,” “Manhattan” and “The Hangover”; the second includes movies like “Austin Powers,” “Blazing Saddles,” “Bananas” and “Airplane!” The primary distinction lies in their respective relationship to reality. In character-driven comedies, […]