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W&V: Woher kommen plötzlich all diese Influencer?

Wer sich wiederum an eine der aus der aus dem Boden sprießenden Influencer-Agenturen oder -Vermarkter wendet, dem werden wiederum immer dieselben (semi-)professionellen Instagramer mit hoher Reichweite vorgeschlagen, die heute ein Luxushotel, morgen ein Sonnenbrille und übermorgen ein Smartphone bewerben. Wenn man sich jedoch etwas Mühe gibt, kann man auch wirksamere Influencer identifizieren: Sie halten sich […]

trading favors

seth godin is spot on, yet again. this is a great example on how blogs and PR agencies (or their clients) work together. it starts out with favors, but it usually ends in business clinch. The most corrosive sort of this network amplification goes like this: I do something for you unasked. Then I do […]

Boots 2011

On my search for cool winter boots, ready for snow and action. Damn you Nike for not providing my shoe size with your coolest kicks. I decided to go for the first ones.


While I was looking for OFWGKTA Merchandise (virtually impossible) I found FreedMinds. Now I’m not too sure of who and what they are, and I don’t care. But I want this shirt. FreedMinds — Different World. Gotta say their blog is pretty tight too. Looks like the same photographer that does the Wolf Gang (Golf […]

Jay-Z’s Great Champagne Robbery

So why would Jay-Z get involved with a second-tier cham­pagne? Because of the immense profit potential. Fass estimates that Cattier’s pro­duction cost for each $300 bottle of Armand de Brignac is a mere 10 euros. Assuming Jay-Z is an investor, the connection could be through any number of outlets: Cat­tier itself, the brand Armand de […]