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Deutschlandflagge Multicolor

Als Bekenntnis zu einem freundlicheren Deutschland mischte Feldmann + Schultchen die deutschen Farben und nahmen sie in ihre Flagge auf. Fünf Farben, zu gleichen Teilen, die miteinander ein warmes und harmonisches Zusammenspiel ergeben. Für ein tolerantes, entspanntes und gemeinschaftliches Gefühl von Deutschland. Source: Deutschlandflagge Multicolor

Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless

Coca-Cola encourages us to “choose happiness.” Politicians take time out from building careers in the debris of democracy to remind us of the importance of regular exercise. Lifestyle bloggers insist to hundreds of thousands of followers that freedom looks like a white woman practicing yoga alone on a beach. One such image (on the @selflovemantras […]

finger fucking fruit

  While the films are undoubtedly divisive, they have helped highlight much bigger issues in the online world. Sarley admits to struggling with copyright over her original clips, and has been on the receiving end of vicious harassment from followers over the explicit nature of her work. After informing Instagram about both the trolls and […]

Why Germans pay cash for almost everything

Levels of consumer debt in Germany are remarkably low. German aversion to mortgage debt is part of the reason why the country has some of the lowest homeownership rates in the developed world. Just 33% of Germans said they had a credit card back in 2011. And most of those hardly ever get used. In […]


let’s be real: one of the best things that millenials did is transform the styles of the all-negative puberty-and-existentialism bullshit from shoutcore-emo to sick beats and raps. i mean, literally, the rest, i.e. the very specific “i cut my wrists open every day because i am just trash” lyrics and such, it’s the same, but […]

Berlin – Alienated City

For the sociologist Andrej Holm gentrification is not a lifestyle phenomenon but a process within the housing economy. It goes hand in hand with the transformation of the market economy into a market society, which vets everything, including housing, for economic efficiency. All the world’s desirable inner cities have the problem that long-term residents can […]

Boiler Room: A Missed Opportunity?

Interesting angle about why there’s something missing about the Boiler Room. Instead of getting lost in the music and seeking the release that comes from expending energy in sync with a crowd, it seems as though many are more interested in straight up watching the DJ. At best it’s counterintuitive. Unless the DJ is as skilled […]


Nolan’s aesthetics serve his story, but both answer to a higher power. It’s about branding. It’s about making every aspect of a multibillion-dollar product support or at least work within a successful template and to exploit that template more vigorously than anything the American cinema has ever produced before. In an industry committed to catering […]

generation sell

wouldn’t agree with everything would add some points generally I would agree with the direction The millennial affect is the affect of the salesman. Consider the other side of the equation, the Millennials’ characteristic social form. Here’s what I see around me, in the city and the culture: food carts, 20-somethings selling wallets made from […]

GQ on Rick Ross

Hilarious article on the life of Rick Ross. I love Rick Ross. I keep wondering what he is up to. Ugh! But the question, which is actually not immediately answerable, is why that’s happened. Because (a) while the man does have a way with words (see “The Rossary,” below), it’s probably not his lyrics. I’m […]


Incredible visuals, bad film. Hype Williams should stick to music, and yet I was intrigued. Very intrigued. Belly (1998) – IMDb.

warehouse 90s

a rave in the 90s.. you can see the full effect of the drugs kicking in the crowd. scary and hilarious at the same time.

notes on charlie sheen

I really admire Bret Easton Ellis’ profound insight here. This is also an explanation as to how OFWGKTA can only work today, in this time and age. John Mayer the original poster boy for post-Empire gets it in his legendary Playboy interview and his TMZ appearances he was the first celebrity to get what a […]