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Jamie XX: UK Throwback

Fantastic mix by wonderchild Jamie XX, with an ultimate UK throwback of all different genres. The use of Biceps new “Nova” was impressive, and so much more than in Will Saul’s DJ-Kicks mix. It does really show that it’s not the songs but the method and the composition.

Caustic Window

A long-lost Aphex Twin album has resurfaced on YouTube. Caustic Window, the aborted 1994 record made by the genius electronica artist, caused an online stir when the vinyl test pressing was listed on Discogs at a price of $13,500. After negotiations between the seller, the artist and electronica-obsessed fan forum We Are The Music Makers, a Kickstarter was […]

The Range XLR8R Mix

Looking over the tracklist, one can gleam a little more knowledge about what’s shaping Hinton’s musical proclivities. He’s obviously not afraid to interact with pop sounds, as he’s worked in hip-hop cuts from Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Chingy, and Young Thug, not to mention the blatantly commercial stylings of Calvin Harris and Linkin Park. It’s a […]

the sky is grey

been loving milosh lately. never really know what music does to me until I walk around mindlessly and feel it crawling up in my veins. i wonder, sometimes, if my mood sets the music – or vice versa. i think i’ve asked that question before, too.