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wet sneakers

highly pornographic, sensual, intimate and erotic sneaker fetish wet sneakers and/or killing sneakers also found … people rip shit apart all the time it seems.. and people pay to see that i want to ask them all those questions. why do they do it. do they get off to it. why am i turned […]


The term hipster has, of course, always been notoriously slippery. Back in his 2010 book What Was the Hipster?, Mark Greif described the term as meaning a "consumer" who "aligns himself both with rebel subculture and with the dominant class and thus opens up a poisonous conduit between the two." But in Germany, as elsewhere, the […]


6. Why So Serious?Linking to gripe number one, the solemn faces behind the blogs are extremely amusing. How do people take the topics of shoes, apparel and music so seriously? How do people keep a straight face as they stand in front of stacks of orange boxes despite being of drinking age? I’ll never know. […]