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How I Got Converted to G.M.O. Food –

I, too, was once in that activist camp. A lifelong environmentalist, I opposed genetically modified foods in the past. Fifteen years ago, I even participated in vandalizing field trials in Britain. Then I changed my mind.After writing two books on the science of climate change, I decided I could no longer continue taking a pro-science […]


i will die without this. it is the best thing ive ever had. i love melona so much. i need it in my life. i can live without everything else if only i have melona. melona is the best.

The Pizza Vegetable

Dear USA, Fuck You. Sincerely, The World. WASHINGTON — A slice of pizza still counts as a vegetable. via Congress Blocks New Rules on School Lunches –

My Mom Couldn’t Cook

I used to wonder why my mother hated cooking so much. I used to wonder why she cooked salmon fillets for two hours and pot roast for one. I thought for a long time that it was because she was a bad cook, because she rejected cooking as a way of rejecting us, because she […]

Sandwich Mondays

Nico will love this; a category on the most ridiculous sandwiches you can eat. Best of: Cheesy Bites (not actually a sandwich but ridiculous enough), the most expensive burger in the world, The Philly Taco, The Ladys Brunch Burger.     Sandwich Mondays : NPR.