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Courtesy of Smartflix – the true love of my life. DOPE = good Sunday night movie, although the fantasy becomes a farce and the movie resembles blackpeopletwitter, a bricolage of memes and music – something OFWGKTA would think up if they were old enough and gave a fuck (which is ironic because the movie is […]

Bones – Cholesterol

I’ve posted Bones before but in light of my last emo-rap musings I felt it’s just appropriate to bring him again with a new track (and probably dozens of mixtapes I’ve missed in the meantime). I forget his former stage name. He’s signed now? #sadboys

Meine Jungs / YT Comments

Lächerlich das der erste, ernst zu nehmende Deutsche “Trap Rapper” gehatet wird im Bezug auf Hook und Style..Kommt halt einfach bei den verklemmten Deutschen noch nicht an, aber wenn n’ schwarzer in seiner hook “ma niggas fuck your niggas” drinnen stehen hat feiert das jeder…Alles klar. Nennt eRRdeka schwul. Rappt davon wie er andere Jungs […]


She just wanna have fun and I can give her what she want I can make her pay for that

No Mediocre

Honestly, I could say so much about this. T.I. feat. Iggy Azalea – No Mediocre [Official Video] from DJ Shine on Vimeo. How Mustards beats shape the rhymes and flows of the rappers, or how TI has apparently been using Botox for most of his body (what the fuck is wrong with this moves), or […]