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summers with you

reminds me of schöneberg but mostly garage house of the 90s and that’s where you belong, whether u like it or not


Mixe gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Einige sind großartig. Mit diesem hier zeigen Kim Brown, dass in Househausen immer noch alles in Ordnung ist. Source: Mix der Woche: Kim Brown – Bestandsaufnahme House | Das Filter

Luke Abbott Resident Advisor Mix

One of the single most inspiring mixes of the past months. Chill and thoughtful and deep, with some outstanding tracks on the list. I can’t embed the whole thing, but here is the link with the set and infos. A personal highlight, although really everything is a highlight on the mix: My god, it kills […]


Refreshing, although I’m still struggling with the standard taxonomy of record labels in the electronic scene.

If This Is House Music, I Want My Money Back 3

Lovely house tracks on “If This Is House Music, I Want My Money Back 3”. Favorite (as always, one must say): Octo Octas cut “Call Me”. Tracklist 01. Kim Brown – Rubies, Riches And Crowns 02. HNNY – Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet 03. Axel Boman – Die Die Die!! 04. Mano […]

Boiler Room: A Missed Opportunity?

Interesting angle about why there’s something missing about the Boiler Room. Instead of getting lost in the music and seeking the release that comes from expending energy in sync with a crowd, it seems as though many are more interested in straight up watching the DJ. At best it’s counterintuitive. Unless the DJ is as skilled […]


House-Grooves, ghostly Future-R&B/Soul from Modular People, perfectly in the vein of the current mood in the digital age Soundcloud mainstream. The washed out guitar solo sucks though.