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W&V: Woher kommen plötzlich all diese Influencer?

Wer sich wiederum an eine der aus der aus dem Boden sprießenden Influencer-Agenturen oder -Vermarkter wendet, dem werden wiederum immer dieselben (semi-)professionellen Instagramer mit hoher Reichweite vorgeschlagen, die heute ein Luxushotel, morgen ein Sonnenbrille und übermorgen ein Smartphone bewerben. Wenn man sich jedoch etwas Mühe gibt, kann man auch wirksamere Influencer identifizieren: Sie halten sich […]


kann ich mir die hausarbeit jetzt auch sparen – andererseits ist die tatsächlich, real existierende Gewalt in anderen teilen der welt vielleicht das einzige, was noch an die physischen aufstände erinnern kann, die hier gefordert werden its not too late if we move to the middle east and fight along süddeutsche

Boiler Room: A Missed Opportunity?

Interesting angle about why there’s something missing about the Boiler Room. Instead of getting lost in the music and seeking the release that comes from expending energy in sync with a crowd, it seems as though many are more interested in straight up watching the DJ. At best it’s counterintuitive. Unless the DJ is as skilled […]

digitale demokratie

In dem Aufruf der Schriftsteller heißt es, dass es letztendlich um unseren freien Willen geht, oder ob wir uns an Fäden ziehen lassen. "Der Honigtopf ist ‘Lenk mich, mach doch, ist mir doch egal’ – und diesen Honig nicht zu löffeln, erfordert innere Kraft", versucht Juli Zeh anschaulich zu machen. Sie hält es für grundfalsch, dem […]

generation sell

wouldn’t agree with everything would add some points generally I would agree with the direction The millennial affect is the affect of the salesman. Consider the other side of the equation, the Millennials’ characteristic social form. Here’s what I see around me, in the city and the culture: food carts, 20-somethings selling wallets made from […]

tumblr roundup

Tumblr round-up. Picking and choosing nice ones is getting harder; tumblr is turning into a new version of Geocities, only all of those involved aren’t merely diarists, they’re now graphic designers or art directors or curators or social media engineers, with instant access to a constantly expanding global picture library. via Dumbstruck and Tumbling | […]

cry baby lane

Because Nickelodeon has never released it to the public,[20] Cry Baby Lane is officially unavailable; due to the bad publicity it created for them, it’s doubtful that they will release it in the future, much less air it on TV again.[21] Although it is possible that there may be privately recorded copies, the fact that […]

curators and imitators

If a person whose website links to other websites is a curator, then a person who walks into the Louvre with a friend and points out the Mona Lisa is also a curator. It seems to me that if we go with that usage we’re losing a worthwhile distinction. We are not the only ones […]


AirBnB is amazing, convenient, great. Better than couchsurfing because it’s not free and does not rely completely on trust (money really is a barrier that works in these cases). It’s a transaction of goods and it offers so many possibilities of meeting interesting people, wonderful homes and a screwed and chopped perspective on conventional tourism. […]