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“You can’t suck a dick on the dance floor at a festival,” Sperber observed. So it’s probably unfair to use this as the catch-all title but hahahahaha. “I think a lot of people went to Berlin and came back to The States and were like, ‘Oh I want to party like that,’” said Smith. “They […]


youtube crafts its own special sound. you’d think there’s everything on there, but if you navigate through the recommendation bar like you’d consider navigation through TV channels – aka zapping – then you’d quickly realize that your selection is really narrowed down to what’s shown to you. however briefly, the pre-selected recommendations return to you, […]

saint pablo

ye dropping tracks left and right but look how happy he is its like me and blogging when i really should be working


let’s be real: one of the best things that millenials did is transform the styles of the all-negative puberty-and-existentialism bullshit from shoutcore-emo to sick beats and raps. i mean, literally, the rest, i.e. the very specific “i cut my wrists open every day because i am just trash” lyrics and such, it’s the same, but […]

Top 25 Albums of 2015

My first album list! Not limited to releases in 2015, though. It makes sense that I switch from lone tracks to whole narratives in this year; after all, my own story had to be told in order to make sense of it. I can’t stand anymore fragmentation. Also: I don’t agree with strictly sticking to […]

get away

But I’m still driving around in my old whip Still living at home, got Issues with my new chick She blowin’ up my phone Now all I hear is womp’ womp’, womp’ womp’ (womp’ womp’) But it could be worse Girl calm your nerves I want you to

So I Went To Berghain And I Now Give Zero Fucks

As you may have gathered from some of my previous editorials I along with much of the US dance music community have been stuck in some sort of purgatory-like rut for the last 12-24 months. Weve been trying to pull ourselves out of the EDM mire but are unsure how to arrive at the musical […]


She just wanna have fun and I can give her what she want I can make her pay for that