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get away

But I’m still driving around in my old whip Still living at home, got Issues with my new chick She blowin’ up my phone Now all I hear is womp’ womp’, womp’ womp’ (womp’ womp’) But it could be worse Girl calm your nerves I want you to

getting goblin

this might not be a great video. but if you’re closely watching people that you don’t actually know, it’s exactly videos like this – not the shiny artist bright kind of shit – that makes you feel a little bit closer. Kinda as if you were the one holding the camera. I dig.


Now I’m somethin’ like the chemist on campus But there’s no drug around, quite like what I found in you I still can’t feel my face, what am I smokin’ anyway She said don’t let the high go to waste but can you taste a little taste of


Ma said “Wake up son, good morning” I rolled out of bed, greeted mama with a yawn then Paused to scratch an itch and went, down to the kitchen Fixed a plate of eggs and bacon, glass of OJ Simpson Just as I was about to dig in A thought jumped in my head, school […]

Odd Future Signs a Record Deal

It’s based on getting the distribution deal we’ve always envisioned that allows the group to ‘sign themselves’ to their own company and keep their masters. They will have 100% creative control of all aspects of their music, art, and release schedule with no 3rd party participation in outside business. Freedom and ownership was the whole […]

In Defense Of Offensive Art

The whole point of genre is to be exclusionary. You want to create a feeling among your listeners that they have special knowledge, that they are part of an exclusive group. Odd Future is great at making its fans feel like they get it when no one else does. You can see this same narrowing […]


While I was looking for OFWGKTA Merchandise (virtually impossible) I found FreedMinds. Now I’m not too sure of who and what they are, and I don’t care. But I want this shirt. FreedMinds — Different World. Gotta say their blog is pretty tight too. Looks like the same photographer that does the Wolf Gang (Golf […]

tyler, the creator

i could highlight every fucking word in that song and yet it wouldn’t even remotely come close to what’s inside of this guys mind. This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep Some food for thought some food for death, go ‘head and fuckin’ eat My father’s dead well I don’t know, […]