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diana buraka

  thx to  marcus for pointing me to the great photographer “diana buraka”. Perfect analog portraits. PEOPLE by diana buraka.

Awaiting / Leipzig

I’ve had a thing with Leipzig ever since I visited. Sascha Nau captures exactly what it is in his photographic series Awaiting. Awaiting on Behance.


House-Grooves, ghostly Future-R&B/Soul from Modular People, perfectly in the vein of the current mood in the digital age Soundcloud mainstream. The washed out guitar solo sucks though.

IO Tillett Wright

Fascinating character I was lucky to meet last year in NYC. You seem to have an opinion about that. What do you think about art school? Sounds like a big fat waste of time to me. Everybody I know who ever went to art school is like “I didn’t learn anything practical there”. My personal […]

Wolfgang Tillmanns Abstract Pictures

I love, love, love his pictures, as well as the interview released by the interview magazine. NICKAS: What attracts you to a person? What happens when, walking in the street, you think, I have to photograph this person. TILLMANS: I heard this wonderful quote the other day, “Only the brave show what they love.” It’s […]


Another way of spending money in a trend appreciating way. Track upcoming “new stuff”. Track “consumer behaviour”. Be “inspired” by fashion. In the end, it’s not about the product anymore, but about how it’s displayed and in which context and by whom.