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I have no interest in working with anyone who is too important or too good or too traditional to take a call at 3am — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) 10. Januar 2016 kanye west booty calls his business partners

So I Went To Berghain And I Now Give Zero Fucks

As you may have gathered from some of my previous editorials I along with much of the US dance music community have been stuck in some sort of purgatory-like rut for the last 12-24 months. Weve been trying to pull ourselves out of the EDM mire but are unsure how to arrive at the musical […]


Armbrüster: Herr Verleger, rechtfertigt denn eine Kritik an Israel, eine mögliche Kritik, rechtfertigt die, dass man durch Berlin läuft und antisemitische Parolen grölt? Verleger: Nein, in keiner Weise. Aber wer hat uns das denn eingebrockt? Wenn unsere Politiker alle sagen, ja, das ist völlig richtig, was Israel macht, wenn unsere Medien sagen, ja, das ist […]

roberta haze

My favorite part of the film is when Roberta talks about love, and how a key to a good relationship is being able to accept that everyone expresses their love in different ways, and that you can’t teach someone the right way to care about you. She says, “I’m trying to learn, at 73, to […]


Now an official writer for MTHRFNKR, formally known as Post-Dubstep. We live half in the nostalgia of the mainstream, half in a transition to a digital craze. What happens when the “democratic” force of a younger generation takes over our blogs, our twitter feeds and our power? What’s the next generations’ 20-30 year olds going […]


Wenn man sich dauernd nur wünscht, dass die Hektik aufhört und die Aufgaben und der Stress. Und wenn sie es dann tun, wünscht man sie sich zurück, damit man nicht denken muss. Nicht denken kann. In diese Stille platzen Gedanken einfach so hinein, unbewältige innere Kleinkatastrophen von vor Monaten, die man nie richtig sortiert hat. […]


6. Why So Serious?Linking to gripe number one, the solemn faces behind the blogs are extremely amusing. How do people take the topics of shoes, apparel and music so seriously? How do people keep a straight face as they stand in front of stacks of orange boxes despite being of drinking age? I’ll never know. […]

Radikaler Konstruktivismus

Der RK besagt, dass das gesamte Wissen nur in den Köpfen von Individuen existiert und dass ein denkendes Individuum sein Wissen nur auf der Grundlage der eigenen Erfahrung über seine Körpersinne zusammenfügen kann. Kein Individuum kann die Grenzen seiner persönlichen Erfahrung überschreiten. Die Erkenntnis eines „objektiven Wissens“, der Wahrheit, der ontologischen Realität ist daher nicht […]

GQ on Rick Ross

Hilarious article on the life of Rick Ross. I love Rick Ross. I keep wondering what he is up to. Ugh! But the question, which is actually not immediately answerable, is why that’s happened. Because (a) while the man does have a way with words (see “The Rossary,” below), it’s probably not his lyrics. I’m […]

The Madbury Club

Yo, how come I only now just heard of the Madbury Club? This whole magazine is so spot on Hip Hop music I’m basically shitting myself in excitement. Reaction: Kendrick Lamar “ADHD” Video. – The Madbury Club :: “Welcome To The Club.”.


Ghostface Killah reviewing WATCH THE THRONE. This shit is downright hilarious. Unfortunately I also agree most of the time. 11. Made In America ft. Frank Ocean – First of all son….Lionel Richie called from 1986 n said he wants his song back yo. Word. Sade jus hollad on twitter to say this shit is soft […]