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Return of A$AP Rocky

Nach einer kleinen, profitablen Pause als schönste Rapperin aus Harlem, gibt sich A$AP Rocky wieder mit harter Anti-Fuccboy-Politik. Mit einer wagemutigen Ansage an schlecht angezogene Fans (und die Labels, die sie ausstatten, darunter HBA und Been Trill) profiliert sich der Pretty Motherfucker einerseits als Original der “Ghetto Fashion Rap Szene”, und gleichzeitig zeigt er ausnahmsweise […]

No Mediocre

Honestly, I could say so much about this. T.I. feat. Iggy Azalea – No Mediocre [Official Video] from DJ Shine on Vimeo. How Mustards beats shape the rhymes and flows of the rappers, or how TI has apparently been using Botox for most of his body (what the fuck is wrong with this moves), or […]

Fight Night

Well fuck me if I haven’t found my favorite song for the summer. Migos “Fight Night” is on point. Can’t wait for the next party.

thuggin shidd

good could be better, t-shirt could be a sweater, that denim could be some leather, that benz could be a bentley. yea it’s nice in so cal but i heard the s. of france got some much better weather. damn! grindin can’t have it’s own shine for once?


H.A.M. / Who Gonna Stop Me / Otis / Welcome to the Jungle / Gotta Have It / Where I’m From / N—— What, N—— Who / Can’t Tell Me Nothing / Flashing Lights / Jesus Walks / Diamonds From Sierra Leone / Public Service Announcement / Run This Town / Monster / Power / […]