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i’ll tell you something. everything is going to be better and worse. nothing is ever perfect. happiness is not the ideal anymore; neither is surviving. the focus is accepting the mood, posing the questions into the void, and realizing there will be no answers at all. nobody called for this statistical impossibility of existence: and […]

get away

But I’m still driving around in my old whip Still living at home, got Issues with my new chick She blowin’ up my phone Now all I hear is womp’ womp’, womp’ womp’ (womp’ womp’) But it could be worse Girl calm your nerves I want you to


She just wanna have fun and I can give her what she want I can make her pay for that


House-Grooves, ghostly Future-R&B/Soul from Modular People, perfectly in the vein of the current mood in the digital age Soundcloud mainstream. The washed out guitar solo sucks though.


I love the storytelling concept. And yeah I have a weak spot for shitty modern R&B music. 1- yamaha This one is for you / wherever you’re at Still got ya name tattooed on my back 2- nikki And now you calling me / saying you didn’t mean to do me wrong 3- abyss so […]


Now I’m somethin’ like the chemist on campus But there’s no drug around, quite like what I found in you I still can’t feel my face, what am I smokin’ anyway She said don’t let the high go to waste but can you taste a little taste of

wicked games

ok, woah, whats happening? what the fuck is this? 2011, year of the catastrophes, but also year of the reinvention? first james blake (dubstep), then odd future (hip hop) and now… the weeknd, and is this.. rnb? this is giving me the chills – big time.