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antivilla postdam

Inside the Antivilla, a Home in Potsdam, Germany If your house looked like this, wouldn't you pretend to be in a video game too? A peek inside a Berlin-based architect's weekend home known as the Antivilla, a concrete bunker with sledgehammered windows and a sleek interior. Posted by T: The New York Times Style Magazine […]


6. Why So Serious?Linking to gripe number one, the solemn faces behind the blogs are extremely amusing. How do people take the topics of shoes, apparel and music so seriously? How do people keep a straight face as they stand in front of stacks of orange boxes despite being of drinking age? I’ll never know. […]

England Casuals

A short insight into fashion development during the 80s and 90s from a Hooligans point of view. Pretty interesting to say the least. VGA – England Casuals Interview w/ Ian Hough | Vintage Gear Addicts.


maggi made me ask myself which shoes i want to buy. i think i’m either sticking to my tigers or… actually considering the hummel kicks.