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youtube crafts its own special sound. you’d think there’s everything on there, but if you navigate through the recommendation bar like you’d consider navigation through TV channels – aka zapping – then you’d quickly realize that your selection is really narrowed down to what’s shown to you. however briefly, the pre-selected recommendations return to you, […]


i’ll tell you something. everything is going to be better and worse. nothing is ever perfect. happiness is not the ideal anymore; neither is surviving. the focus is accepting the mood, posing the questions into the void, and realizing there will be no answers at all. nobody called for this statistical impossibility of existence: and […]


Wenn man sich dauernd nur wünscht, dass die Hektik aufhört und die Aufgaben und der Stress. Und wenn sie es dann tun, wünscht man sie sich zurück, damit man nicht denken muss. Nicht denken kann. In diese Stille platzen Gedanken einfach so hinein, unbewältige innere Kleinkatastrophen von vor Monaten, die man nie richtig sortiert hat. […]

Crime for Crime’s Sake

I don’t agree with everything in this text – but I want Ruckus. This is Ruckus. This is the way we put our fists up and demand. The question is whether our demands need to be specific, communicated, or whether we can just punch each other for the sake of it and ask afterwards why […]


I don’t actually remember if this a real thing or just a fake ad; as funny as it is, it kind of makes me think about how we always try to minimize what we have in our pockets. Unfortunately, we tend to clutter even more in that attempt. Camera, MP3 player, Hard Drives, Phones, Laptops, […]