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Awaiting / Leipzig

I’ve had a thing with Leipzig ever since I visited. Sascha Nau captures exactly what it is in his photographic series Awaiting. Awaiting on Behance.

basilika valencia

Dünn geschnitten ist Alabaster sehr lichtdurchlässig und wird daher im Kunsthandwerk gerne für Lampenschalen verwendet. In trockenen Gegenden wie z.B. Zentralspanien hat auch die Verwendung als Kirchenfenster Tradition. via Alabaster – Wikipedia.


AirBnB is amazing, convenient, great. Better than couchsurfing because it’s not free and does not rely completely on trust (money really is a barrier that works in these cases). It’s a transaction of goods and it offers so many possibilities of meeting interesting people, wonderful homes and a screwed and chopped perspective on conventional tourism. […]