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“You can’t suck a dick on the dance floor at a festival,” Sperber observed. So it’s probably unfair to use this as the catch-all title but hahahahaha. “I think a lot of people went to Berlin and came back to The States and were like, ‘Oh I want to party like that,’” said Smith. “They […]


“imagine you’re on a train, riding the U-Bahn or something. you sit there and you look around you. there’s someone in a business attire. someone else talking on the phone. others are sleeping, and taking up a lot of space on the bench. now, in your imagination: how many people were black? how many were […]

„Die EDM-Kultur pisst mich richtig an.“

Ich habe mich mit einem guten Freund, Craig Richards, unterhalten und er erzählte mir, dass die Leute damals, als er anfing, in die Clubs zu gehen, dort noch viel geduldiger waren: Du hast dich für Stunden auf der Tanzfläche zu der Musik bewegt und es gab genug Platz für deinen Körper und den eines jeden […]

The Pizza Vegetable

Dear USA, Fuck You. Sincerely, The World. WASHINGTON — A slice of pizza still counts as a vegetable. via Congress Blocks New Rules on School Lunches –

generation sell

wouldn’t agree with everything would add some points generally I would agree with the direction The millennial affect is the affect of the salesman. Consider the other side of the equation, the Millennials’ characteristic social form. Here’s what I see around me, in the city and the culture: food carts, 20-somethings selling wallets made from […]


I couldn’t find the context to this picture. But it is wonderful. By Todd Robertson of the Gainesville Times during Georgia KKK protests.

My American Friends

Granted, these visiting Americans often seem to have loud voices, but on closer examination, it’s a little subtler than that. Americans have no fear of being overheard. Civic life in Britain is predicated on the idea that everyone just about conceals his loathing of everyone else. To open your mouth is to risk offending someone. […]


Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything Americans can do without the underlying tone of drama. via Official FIXATION Trailer on Vimeo.


Captured: A Look Back at the Vietnam War on the 35th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon | Plog — World, National Photos, Photography and Reportage — The Denver Post.

The Stoner Arms Dealers

Reassured by the e-mail, Packouz got into his brand-new blue Audi A4 and headed home for the evening, windows open, the stereo blasting. At 25, he wasn’t exactly used to the pressures of being an international arms dealer. Only months earlier, he had been making his living as a massage therapist; his studies at the […]