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antivilla postdam

Inside the Antivilla, a Home in Potsdam, Germany If your house looked like this, wouldn't you pretend to be in a video game too? A peek inside a Berlin-based architect's weekend home known as the Antivilla, a concrete bunker with sledgehammered windows and a sleek interior. Posted by T: The New York Times Style Magazine […]

saint pablo

ye dropping tracks left and right but look how happy he is its like me and blogging when i really should be working

syria 2016

Next time someone wonders why refugees are risking everything to come to Europe, show them this Posted by The Independent on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 how did they miss the opportunity of using a fatima al-quadiri track for this CGI video game btw this is just homs meanwhile i receive snapchats from my cousin in […]

Return of A$AP Rocky

Nach einer kleinen, profitablen Pause als schönste Rapperin aus Harlem, gibt sich A$AP Rocky wieder mit harter Anti-Fuccboy-Politik. Mit einer wagemutigen Ansage an schlecht angezogene Fans (und die Labels, die sie ausstatten, darunter HBA und Been Trill) profiliert sich der Pretty Motherfucker einerseits als Original der “Ghetto Fashion Rap Szene”, und gleichzeitig zeigt er ausnahmsweise […]

Jamie XX: UK Throwback

Fantastic mix by wonderchild Jamie XX, with an ultimate UK throwback of all different genres. The use of Biceps new “Nova” was impressive, and so much more than in Will Saul’s DJ-Kicks mix. It does really show that it’s not the songs but the method and the composition.