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She just wanna have fun and I can give her what she want I can make her pay for that

roberta haze

My favorite part of the film is when Roberta talks about love, and how a key to a good relationship is being able to accept that everyone expresses their love in different ways, and that you can’t teach someone the right way to care about you. She says, “I’m trying to learn, at 73, to […]

GQ on Rick Ross

Hilarious article on the life of Rick Ross. I love Rick Ross. I keep wondering what he is up to. Ugh! But the question, which is actually not immediately answerable, is why that’s happened. Because (a) while the man does have a way with words (see “The Rossary,” below), it’s probably not his lyrics. I’m […]

The Madbury Club

Yo, how come I only now just heard of the Madbury Club? This whole magazine is so spot on Hip Hop music I’m basically shitting myself in excitement. Reaction: Kendrick Lamar “ADHD” Video. – The Madbury Club :: “Welcome To The Club.”.


I love the storytelling concept. And yeah I have a weak spot for shitty modern R&B music. 1- yamaha This one is for you / wherever you’re at Still got ya name tattooed on my back 2- nikki And now you calling me / saying you didn’t mean to do me wrong 3- abyss so […]

down the line

I see problems down the line I know that I’m right. There was a dirt upon your hands doing the same mistake twice making the same mistake twice Come on over and be so caught up its not about compromising. I see problems down the line I know that I’m right I see darkness down […]