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summers with you

reminds me of schöneberg but mostly garage house of the 90s and that’s where you belong, whether u like it or not


2008 smasher, found while foraging my Twitter archive for original jokes I can recycle. remember mash-ups lol


youtube crafts its own special sound. you’d think there’s everything on there, but if you navigate through the recommendation bar like you’d consider navigation through TV channels – aka zapping – then you’d quickly realize that your selection is really narrowed down to what’s shown to you. however briefly, the pre-selected recommendations return to you, […]

Caustic Window

A long-lost Aphex Twin album has resurfaced on YouTube. Caustic Window, the aborted 1994 record made by the genius electronica artist, caused an online stir when the vinyl test pressing was listed on Discogs at a price of $13,500. After negotiations between the seller, the artist and electronica-obsessed fan forum We Are The Music Makers, a Kickstarter was […]

roberta haze

My favorite part of the film is when Roberta talks about love, and how a key to a good relationship is being able to accept that everyone expresses their love in different ways, and that you can’t teach someone the right way to care about you. She says, “I’m trying to learn, at 73, to […]