The Miscellaneous Bros of 

It goes like this: A young guy thinks that improving his body will improve himself, that lifting weights will make him more confident, which will make girls like him more, which will make him happier, which will get him laid. And so on. In search of guidance, he finds, where, after analyzing fat-to-ripped or skinny-to-jacked transformation stories, he ends up on the most popular part of the website: the Misc. But in the Misc. he finds a different kind of self-help: a vibrant, active community of like-minded guys. Guys who’ve felt inadequate and lonely and somehow less than manly, who’ve struggled with women and friends and money and body image, who’ve laughed at internet jokes and self-referential image macros that no one found funny, much less comprehensible, in real life. With a newfound sense of solidarity, this young guy wades deeper into the Misc., a community that gets him, his worldview increasingly shaped by this bodybuilding subculture, his mind warped by the community’s devil-may-care, “LOL, nothing matters” ethos.

Source: The Miscellaneous Bros of – The Awl

Ich habe in diesem Beitrag mehr über Internetkultur gelernt, als ich zugeben möchte. Und offensichtlich auch genauso viel in den letzten Jahren verpasst (wobei natürlich die Nr. 1 Quelle meiner Bro-Science Kraftsport-Obsession ist; ich habe es nie bis Misc. geschafft).