The Range XLR8R Mix

Looking over the tracklist, one can gleam a little more knowledge about what’s shaping Hinton’s musical proclivities. He’s obviously not afraid to interact with pop sounds, as he’s worked in hip-hop cuts from Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Chingy, and Young Thug, not to mention the blatantly commercial stylings of Calvin Harris and Linkin Park. It’s a safe bet that this is the first—and last—time that Linkin Park will appear in an XLR8R podcast. At the same time, Hinton also taps into more experimental fare from King Felix a.k.a. Laurel Halo and Squarepusher. Like The Range himself, the mix is difficult to define, an effect that’s only heightened by his decision to include several of his own productions. In just 50 minutes, Hinton moves through a lot of music, frequently switching up the tempo and maintaining a fairly frenetic vibe. Still, there is a sort of cohesion amongst the chaos, and perhaps that’s the key to his appeal. For all of the music’s familiar elements, there’s still no one else out there who sounds quite like The Range, and it seems like he wouldn’t want it any other way.

via The Range | XLR8R.

Interesting Mix by the Range, unfortunately no Soundcloud embed available.

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