let’s be real: one of the best things that millenials did is transform the styles of the all-negative puberty-and-existentialism bullshit from shoutcore-emo to sick beats and raps. i mean, literally, the rest, i.e. the very specific “i cut my wrists open every day because i am just trash” lyrics and such, it’s the same, but in the 90’s Satan was still banging metal music, and i’m so happy, relieved really, that he changed his genre so more white and bland people like me can whine about being neglected.

are $uicideboy$ the papa roach of my generation? were papa roach the papa roach of my generation?

obviously, odd future were the first ones (who got to mainstream level) to bring up satan in their raps, and i’m sure there’s a whole underground i haven’t touched yet on; what makes $uicideboy$ so outstanding is indeed their blinding whiteness as well as the immense amount of mixtapes they release.