Wrong For You

Man I know my shit, I know I’m sick
I don’t care what it is that you been rolling in
why you in the whip, where you go
who you go there with, the area code
or the name of the coat you’re in.
I saw my Ex, she back into the coke again
making me regret that I’m the one who went and broke it in.
you’re wounded, I feel like the salt you’re in.
I hate the culture and the product cult you’re in.

So I find a beat, I assault it instead of myself
you or someone I saw you with
its like I told you, we all been at a hard place,
difference is the rock you get.
so I find what I can rock you with
I’m designing every line to try and lock you in
I treated every girl that I got in like a faulty parachute
like any second I could drop you then
till you show me that you know what it is I go do

told me you been waking up in cold sweats too
baby get that feeling like you just can’t move
and I was so broke eating cold canned soup
cause a hydro cut, I dropped out of school
drink and get high all I’d ever want to do
I felt like a bum but I feel brand new
I remember back home all chilling on the roof
and feeling like you were all that I need
I can barely believe that was even really me
In the photos noises I normally avoid this
I used to sleep walk and I used to hear voices.
Now I try to stay busy, write a verse,
hit the bar and get a girl to lay with me.
and when I think about I see
the best thing I ever did for us is leave.

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